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Watch Latest Loveholic Korean Film Video, Download,Review Cast

Loveholic Korean Romantic movie 2010

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Cast and Crew

Cast: Ja Hyun Chu,Soo Yeon Han,

Chan Jung,Heung Soo

Directed By : Kwon Chil-in (권칠인)

Screenplay : Han Chang-seong (한창성),

Hong Geum-ok (홍금옥), Kim Soo-ah (김수아)

Genre : Melodrama/Romance

Time : 110min

Opening Date : Oct 21, 2010

Country:: South Korea

Language: Korean

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Film examines the matters of labor and love. A couple stuck in a boring marriage both fall into affairs with the wife's girlfriend and the husband's colleague.

The Story:

A single professional woman in her early thirties, Ji-heun suddenly loses her job and flat. Her friend Kyung-rin helps Ji-heun again and lets her stay in her apartment for the time being. Unlike Ji-heun, Kyung-rin is a devoted housewife and lives a high class life. She seemed to have everything until she meets Dong-ju who happens to be her husband’s colleague. First hesitated, but soon Kyung-rin strongly turned on by a fatal relationship with him. Meanwhile, Ji-heun is surprised to know Kyung-rin’s husband actually has many things in common with her and they slowly open their mind to each other. Facing unexpected feelings and desire, these two begin a borderline love.

Director Kwon Chil-in’s fourth feature film about the conflict between work and love. This movie is about a married couple. The wife’s girl friend suddenly comes to live with them, and the wife falls in love with her husband’s co-worker who she meets at the sports center.

Loveholic Movie Review:

Loveholic (러브홀릭) is a South Korean modern rock group. They have participated in many soundtracks for the popular Korean TV networks MBC and KBS.

Kang Hyunmin and Lee Jaehak first started Loveholic in May of 2002. After holding online auditions for a vocalist, they recruited Ji Sun. In April of 2003 they released their first album Florist. The band appeared on several OSTs following that same year, and in October they released [Re:All] Florist, a repackaged version of their first album that featured songs from the OSTs as well as some remixes

I'm pretty sure this was specially made just for the song MV because I finished watching the drama and these scenes were not in it and as far as I know there's no movie seperate from the drama.

I like Hwang Ji Seon the former vocalist of Loveholic. Because in my opinion Ji Seon is able to sing with different tunes/pitches.

This may seem too much specific but it’s how I can explain and she’s the one I recall. I recognized this more when I listened to Loveholics’ album In The Air in which many top singers have sung as guest vocalists like Chang Eun Ah, Park Hye Kyung, Park Ki Young, Miki, Whale, Mikka, Christina, Shin Mina and… Singers whom I may become a fan listening to more of their songs. Esp Chang Eun Ah

But when I compare those songs with the one’s Ji Seon had sung for Loveholic or could sing instead of these singers, I give the credit to her. Because the music Lee Jae Hak and Kang Hyun Min make is the same (to me) while the vocalist has changed and these top singers while all are very talented, don’t seem to be able to do as Ji Seon could.

As you may have guessed I’m their fan but I didn’t say this because I like them.

Can I recognize her voice? In duos I mix the voices but with one vocalist there’s no problem!!

Either way it was good so I recommend it.

oh i know that its a drama lol

i was wondering if there was a movie to it. thank you!

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